Scrap Metal

A scrap metal pile along the dock road in Liverpool. Took these a few months ago but forgot all about them. I’m meaning to go back sometime when there’s better light.


Well, not really. Just a fantastic cloud that looked a bit like one.

I saw there was a chance of a thunderstorm and an amazing looking sky so I headed down to New Brighton. I’ve been trying to catch a lightning shot ever since the last one.

There was the odd flash of lightning in the distance but the most amazing cloud was forming over the shore at Harrison Drive.

Stormy sky


A massive storm cloud just appeared over New Brighton tonight. I darkened it a bit and thought it looked cool.


Liverpool LGBT Pride 2014.

The usual mix of colour, glam and sound. The usual bunch of idiot christian protesters too, but fewer and quieter each year.

And I’m trying out this blog on WordPress now so please let me know if you see any problems with it!

Liverpool Giant Spectacular. Memories of August 1914

Some photos from the Giant Spectacular – “Memories of August 1914” in Liverpool this weekend. It was a massive event with an even more massive crowd and it was.. well, spectacular. I didn’t often get close to the action either by my own bad planning or by being there with my children and just not wanting […]

No Parking

No Parking

Lazy afternoon

Liverpool Grandmother giant having a siesta beside the docks.

Amazing and spectacular event. Can’t wait to get there for this evening’s parade.


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