Gold and blue

Perch Rock can be an amazing place to stand and take some photos, especially around sunset time. All these were taken within 5 minutes of each other on Sunday.

I keep thinking I should to a 365 down there.

Building collapse

So I heard a building had collapsed in King Street last night. It was unoccupied as it had been bought and left to rot by the local council *slow clap*.

Luckily nobody was hurt.

Liverpool Halloween Lantern Carnival 2014

Another trip to this brilliant event in Liverpool’s Sefton Park. We took our daughter in her buggy and this turned out to be a bit of mistake when the crowds, darkness and park terrain combined. Think I’ll just take the camera next year, and until the kids are older!

Bright Spot

We took the kids to the Bright Spot in New Brighton at the Weekend. Like a trip back to the 1970s!


Blue skies and clouds over New Brighton today

No parking


Scrap Metal

A scrap metal pile along the dock road in Liverpool. Took these a few months ago but forgot all about them. I’m meaning to go back sometime when there’s better light.


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