White Man no-show.

There was supposed to be another ‘white man march’ through Liverpool at the weekend. There wasn’t – probably due to a large number of protestors threatening them with another humiliation. This placard sort of stole the show.



Liverpool International Music Festival 2015

Took a few short trips to the Liverpool International Music Festival over the last couple of days. Partly as an excuse to try and get to grips with the new Fuji X-T10.

White man march

A group organised a neo-nazi march in Liverpool today

Most people were pretty unhappy about this and two protest marches were also organised by some trade unions and the other by a group called the Anti Fascist Network.

The AFN were the more aggressive of the two and made their way into the station where the group were meeting and surrounded them chanting “Nazi scum – off our streets” and “Master race – you’re having a laugh”. They also threw bananas and water bottles at them.

There were over a hundred members of the AFN and around 10 neo-nazis. So they were prevented from even leaving the station and ended up being locked in the left luggage office by police for their own protection.

The march was cancelled.

A very, very wet Liverpool Pride!

Brazilica 2015

Britain’s biggest Brazilian carnival hit Liverpool again this weekend.

I always really enjoy this night, the crowds and the drums lift the whole city.

This was also the first time I didn’t take my SLR, but used my new Fujiilm X-T10 instead. I’ve still got a lot to learn about using this little camera, but it packs a punch. I feel I would have got more with my familiar Canon, but my back isn’t up to carrying a heavy bag of gear at the moment.

Had another evening walking round New Brighton waiting for my son whose cubs pack had an evening on the beach.

Kite surfers from my X-T10

I took the new camera out for a quick trial on the kite surfers off New Brighton. I’ve only used it a few times but I’m really impressed. Tonights test was how fast it shot and focussed and it was very fast on both counts.

It seems to be able to give my 7D a run for its money on frames per second if not burst rate but that might be down to the memory card.

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