Ignite Liverpool is 5!!

Some photos from Ignite Liverpool’s 5th birthday event last night at Leaf on Bold St.

Surprise St Pauls

I saw an article on PetaPixel mentioning that St Pauls cathedral in London was having an open evening for photographers on April 8th 2015 called “Surprise St Paul’s”. For £10 you could get a ticket to go and take photos for an hour or two. They usually operate a no photos policy inside and I think it costs a fair bit more to get it.

So I got a ticket and booked a train from Liverpool. I went back to the site about an hour later to try and get another ticket for my son but it had already sold out (300 tickets). The evening was being organised as a competition, the winning photos to be featured in a calendar.

I ended up not taking that many shots, but it was a great evening. St Pauls is smaller than Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral and very different. The bare sandstone and mindbogglingly large space at Liverpool contrasts strongly with the intricate and elaborate decoration of St Pauls. I don’t know which I prefer – probably Liverpool but possible that’s from familiarity. And Liverpool is free all the time (£5 to go up the tower).

It was a reminder of how lucky we are up here, but what our cathedral can’t hold a candle to is the tombs of Nelson and Wellington in the crypt!

I had a bit of a wander round London on the way in too!

Good Friday 2015

The 6th (I think) gathering of West Kirby’s local Christian community on Good Friday. Not my cup of tea, but its a fascinating sight and I’m surprised there aren’t more photographers around. They turn up and stand round the marine lake for an hour with crucifixes either provided by the local churches or their own home-made ones. Its a pretty odd sight driving up to the lake seeing people walking round streets carrying crucifixes over their shoulders.

Numbers were down this year due to the weather so they didn’t manage to circle the lake which is a shame because they make the best photos from a distance.

Heres my shots from last year.


We went to watch the eclipse on Friday! From Seacombe Ferry.

Some fun December weather around New Brighton.

Black and white

Last week I got nominated to do the black and white challenge thats been doing the rounds on Facebook.

I don’t make a lot of b&w pictures – I just prefer colour. If I publish something in b&w its usually to hide something about the exposure of the original I wasn’t happy with.

But the challenge made me have a re-think. I really enjoyed looking at the few I chose to post b&w, the couple I took of my kids with publishing in mono in mind and the one I re-edited in b&w.


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